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This item was current during summer 2016; AOJ is merging into the American Society of News Editors by Jan. 1, 2017. Use the AOJ Home index for recent material. (return to AOJ Home index)

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ASNE convention report, endorsements articles and more are in Masthead fall 2016 (Masthead)

Masthead-2016 AOJ-ASNE leaders moving merger quickly
(with info on convention and link to members' discount)
letter to AOJ members 5/26 
AOJ begins appearing on ASNE website 6/16

Coping with shrinking staffs (Masthead 2016 index)
Foreign travel, sans ethical conflict. (Masthead 2106 index)

State Department briefing in Masthead: State shifts terrorism focus; also refugees, Cuba, trade, Iran nukes, cyber-security...

AOJ board votes to join American Society of News Editors and move Minority Writers Seminar and its endowment to the Poynter Institute for Media Studies (full text pdf) (Board minutes and more) (Detailed FAQ)

SDX-AOJ awardee wins commentary Pulitzer

Planning update letter to members 4/8/2016
(pdf 1-page legal size)

Letter to members 2/9/15 (pdf 2 pp)

More background on AOJ-future planing: Members pages

SPJ-Pulliam $75K fellowship applications due by June 22

Judge rules in case whose FOI issues were aired at AOJ Symposium 2015 (updating article with links) 4/1/16

Will the First Amendment survive in the information age? Five questions and more, kicking off Sunshine Week

Retracting political endorsement? Members-only discussion list evokes recent and past Masthead material.

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Search tool upgraded 2/2/16 (regains indexing of past pages)

Library service log-in access to 2001-2009 Masthead plus.

Diversity directory updated (new NYT op-ed spot)

Poynter extends 20% AOJ discount on courses.

Amazon shoppers: Send a revenue share to AOJ at no added cost to you (updated commerce link)

Symposium coverage: Extensive package in Masthead, 

ISIS propaganda war was presaged by AOJ State Dept event

Minority Writer Seminar '96 led alum
to great career (Masthead 10/27/15)

AOJ's Bingham award honors bilingual education 

Pulliam $75k to aid Philly project for needy adults

Prior Pulliam winner's work wins a Pulitzer 

Extensive 2015 info previously here is now archived 

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Opinion Writing gains
high spot on ASNE site

During conversion of the American Society of News Editors web site to be fully "mobile-responsive," ASNE added Opinion Writing as a tab on the top navigation bar.

That fulfills one priority item in the AOJ-ASNE merger agreement. 

The tab opens a page that will become a gateway to extensive material on this important field. It will have both AOJ-NCEW publications such as Masthead and new content developing and sharing the expertise of both organizations' current members. Initially, the content is an adaptation of a joint Q&A about the merger.

The ASNE site is

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(Posted 6/16/16 J.McClelland)

Pulitzer honors Boston busing and race reports

The work that earned the 2015 commentary award to Farah Stockman was underwritten by the $75,000 Pulliam Fellowship in editorial and opinion writing, from the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation (SPJ). It is presented annually at an event of the Association of Opinion Journalists. (story and short video)

The 2015 award given at AOJ Symposium mentioned the Stockman series. More on Pulliams and AOJ 

Entries for 2016 are due June 22.

(posted 4/19/2016 JM)

Symposium-news-2015 package
Judge chides U.S. officials on secrecy, orders document release in a case discussed at AOJ event

Separate full page of AOJ symposium-honors-2015, awards, with photos and videos

(Videos may now appear on an AOJ-specific YouTube site).

No Labels leaders pitch goal of congressional and presidential candidates' bipartisan effort

Video of full session on editorial's future, endorsements, more...

Reflecting the reality of diversity is vital, and some how-to (11/25)

Questions for editorial boards and others to help the public act

Common Core disputes include even 'what it is'

Tips from Sree, the Met's digi-master, on social-plus
with 3 ABCs of mobile media interaction

Enterprise means digital-print cohesion in Dallas

Panel sees mixed success for Affordable Care Act (story and video)

Pulliam award winner says how it started (single-item direct link)

GOP rep blasts Congress: David Jolly rails against obstructionist under-achievers, cost, and more.

AOJ writers seminar guests published seminar-inspired pieces on the Washington Post parenting blog and as a column in San Antonio Express-News, and more. Two had a strong and timely Paris-Muslim connection.

AOJ board to emphasize membership now that management and finances are stable. Shop Amazon via our link for revenue sharing at no extra cost.

Also: David Axelrod on media politics, Globe guru on short documentary video opinion, Poynter leader on CNN's vast audience-contributor net, and more in Masthead 2015 and its Symposium-news-2015 page.

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WaPo report on ISIS propaganda
recalls AOJ State Department event

(11/23/2015 John McClelland)

Two recent reports in the Washington Post reminded some of us about the unnerving vibes we got from more than one of the speakers at the AOJ State Department briefing in April. Of course State always tries to put a favorable public face on all but the the worst situations; however, some of us sensed that a murderous enemy was winning with lies.

Here is what James Warren had to say in Poynter's newsletter today:

"Medieval reality show

"The Washington Post did a nice job talking to more than a dozen ISIS defectors about their knowledge of 'the most potent propaganda machine ever assembled by a terrorist group'. What they described resembles a medieval reality show. 
"Camera crews fan out across the caliphate every day, their ubiquitous presence distorting the events they purportedly document. Battle scenes and public beheadings are so scripted and staged that fighters and executioners often perform multiple takes and read their lines from cue cards." 
"There's no sympathy in this analysis for the State Department, which contends ISIS's positive social media impact is exaggerated and its anti-ISIS impact understated, as the Post concludes, "The United States and its allies have found no meaningful answer to this propaganda avalanche." (The Washington Post)"

(Another WaPo item is here.)

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