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This page was current during summer 2016; AOJ is merging into the American Society of News Editors by Jan. 1, 2017. Beginning with the 2016 award, it is entirely an SPJ/SDX function. See SPJ.org.

The $75,000 fellowship in editorial or column writing is presented by the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation, the educational arm of the Society of Professional Journalists, in cooperation with AOJ. It traditionally is presented at an NCEW-AOJ event in the fall. 

Here is SPJ's announcement for 2016:

AOJ-Masthead pages on recent winners:
2014 Farah Stockman, Boston busing and race relations widely, 2015 Pulitzer Prize for commentary

Prior winners: (listed in 2016 announcement)

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This page was current during summer 2016; AOJ is merging into the American Society of News Editors by Jan. 1, 2017.

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SPJ's announcement for 2016:

Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing

Deadline for entries: June 22

The Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship was established to enable a mid-career editorial writer or columnist to have time away from daily responsibilities for study and research. The cash award allows Pulliam Editorial Fellows to:

— Take courses

— Pursue independent study

— Travel

— Pursue other endeavors that enrich their knowledge of a public interest issue

 Use this form to submit your nomination. 

See below for more instructions. [in-page link]


The Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship is a Sigma Delta Chi Foundation program. The Society of Professional Journalists first offered the fellowship in 1977, when Nina Pulliam provided funding for the program. It honor Mrs. Pulliam's husband, one of the original members of the Society, which was founded in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi. Eugene C. Pulliam was the publisher of The Indianapolis Star, The Indianapolis News, The Arizona Republic and The Phoenix Gazette.

What the fellowship provides

The Pulliam Fellowship awards $75,000 to an outstanding editorial writer or columnist to help broaden his or her journalistic horizons and knowledge of the world. The annual award can be used to cover the cost of study, research and/or travel in any field. The fellowship results in editorials and other writings, including books.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for a Pulliam fellowship, a candidate must:

— Hold a position as a part-time or full-time editorial writer or columnist at a news publication located in the United States. Applications also are welcome from freelance opinion writers who devote a majority of their time, or derive a majority of their income, from that pursuit.

— Have at least three years experience as an editorial writer or columnist.

— Demonstrate outstanding writing and analytical abilities.

— Secure assurances by the editor or publisher that the applicant will be allowed sufficient time to pursue the fellowship without jeopardizing employment. (Fellows do not have to leave their jobs.)

— Demonstrate ability and intent to publish work within 18 months of selection. (If selected, work must be published within 18 months of receiving the fellowship).

— All entries must be in English.

The selected applicant must provide a post-fellowship written report on how funds were used. Each Fellowship recipient will become a mentor to the following year’s recipient.


The Fellowship has no formal application form. Each applicant should submit the following materials:

— A cover letter stating the purpose and nature of the proposed study, a time line for accomplishing the work, and a plan for how the stipend will be used. The cover letter should contain complete contact information for the applicant including mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address.

— The editor’s endorsement.

— A one-page professional biography and summary of professional experience.

— Five samples of editorials or columns.

Submission Instructions

Nominations should be submitted as PDF documents. If you have Word documents to submit, save them as PDF's [link to MS Office info on PDF], before uploading them using the nomination form. [back to prior link to form]

Selection and Presentation

A panel of judges will review materials submitted by all the applicants and select the Fellow. The Fellowship presentation historically has taken place during a fall event of the National Conference of Editorial Writers then Association of Opinion Journalists. Beginning with 2016, it will be handled entirely by the Society of Professional Journalists or SPJ's educational arm, the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation (SDX-F). See spj.org.

If selected, applicant should consult with their financial and/or tax adviser. Any tax implications associated with the Fellowship are the responsibility of the Fellowship recipient.


For more information contact SPJ Headquarters at 317-927-8000 or by e-mail: awards@spj.org 

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Past winners:

2015 Pulliam Editorial Writing Fellow

Ronnie Polaneczky, Philadelphia Daily News

Read press release 

[AOJ-Masthead article, photo, video link are here]

Past Pulliam Editorial Writing Fellows

2014 Farah Stockman, Boston Globe

[AOJ-Masthead article here]

2013 Hugh Bailey, Connecticut Post

View project: “Ruins Reborn”

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3

2012 Sandra Shea, Philadelphia Daily News

View project: “Tapped Out”

2011 Mark Woods, The Florida Times-Union

2010 Jim Dwyer, New York Times

Book publisher's page More Awesome than Money

2009 No Fellowship Awarded, Centennial Project year

2008 Jay Bookman, The Atlanta Journal Constitution

2007 Jeff Gerritt, Detroit Free Press

2006 Karin Klein, editorial writer, Los Angeles Times

2005 Kate Riley, editorial writer, The Seattle Times

In Depth: Who owns the past? Learning from our ancestors and finding common ground

2004 A. Barton Hinkle, editorial writer, The Richmond Times-Dispatch

2003 Ximena Ortiz, editorial writer, The Washington Times

2002 David Sarasohn, associate editor of the Oregonian

2001 Joe Holley, Insight editor at the San Antonio Express-News

2000 Maura Casey, associate page editor at The Day in New London

1999 James Gogeck, editorial writer, The San Diego Union-Tribune

1998 George B. Pyle, editorial editor of the Salina (Kansas) Journal

1997 John Krist, Ventura County Star

1996 Keith Burris, Journal Inquirer

1995 Jay Bookman, The Atlanta Constitution

1994 Sarah Bachman, San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, California

1993 Carol Towarnicky, Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia, PA

1992 Thomas Hylten, The Mercury, Pottstown, Pennsylvania

1991 Greg Stone, The Day, London, Connecticut

1990 Linda Valdez, The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Arizona

1989 Randolph Ryan, The Boston Globe

1988 Chris Waddle, The Anniston Star, Anniston, Alabama

1987 John J. Fried, Long Beach, California, Press-Telegraph

1986 Jonathan Freedman, San Diego, California, Evening Tribune

1985 Betty DePamus, Detroit Free Press

1984 Graham S. Dower, Cleveland, Ohio Plain Dealer

1983 Ralph Johnson, Toledo, Ohio Blade

1982 No Award Made

1981 F. J. (Ted) Douglas, the Detroit News

1980 Ralph B. Bennett, San Diego, California Evening Tribune

1979 No Award Made

1978 Ross MacKenzie, Richmond, Virginia News-Leader

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