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Amazon revenue-sharing: use the commerce page.

Archives: past web articles or how to use discussion list archive

("Blog" is inactive; see discussion-list)

commerce. Amazon revenue-sharing helped AOJ at no extra cost to the customer. This page also had the code for 20% discount on Poynter classes. 

Contact info:,

Convention reports 2010-15 are in Masthead.
Convention became symposium for 2014. AOJ joined the ASNE convention in 2016.

discussion-list description of members' forum, and how to join it; how to search list-archives

Directory (All members could use this to search for other members; how much information it shows depends on whether and how the people sought have adjusted their personal profiles. To adjust your own profile, LOGIN and click your name when it appears.

Donate (For gifts to the AOJ Foundation directly) (ASNE has an online donation link)

("Forum" is inactive; see the proven, existing discussion list.)

Foundation-bylaws (The 2012 text shown was further revised in April 2015; these pages have a link to a pdf of that version.)

Future-issues-2016 (members-only collection including the options the trustees were considering January to May)

History of NCEW first 50 years, recap of becoming AOJ, more to come...

[historical only] AOJ-bylaws (2012-2015; expired before 2016)
see Foundation bylaws

life-members of NCEW and AOJ [became life members of ASNE late fall 2016]

Masthead top 

Masthead archived texts (restoration of pre-2012 photos pending)

("News" is under development; for recent articles, use Home or Masthead.) 
For archived articles, see AOJ-web-archive

past-presidents of AOJ, NCEW and NBEA

Payments are processed automatically by the web server. If you have one due, LOGIN and follow the cues. 

Poynter class discounts (20% at least to June 2016); see commerce 

Poynter Institute for Media Studies' own website:

Profile: Certain member information is stored for officer and staff use; members can update it, and control how much is visible to other members who are not officers or staff. To adjust yours, LOGIN and click your name as a link.

State Department briefings

supported-programs of the AOJ Foundation; public information, generally complete, subject to revision during 2016.

Symposium (successor to convention)

symposium-news-2014 (extensive coverage of AOJ Symposium 2014, Sept. 21-23, Mobile)

symposium-news-2015 (extensive coverage of AOJ Symposium 2015 in St. Petersburg Nov. 14-15) And symposium-honors-2015

minority-writers (Minority Writers Seminar, current and recent materials) [Transferred to Poynter, fall 2016]

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