This page was current during summer 2016; AOJ is merging into the American Society of News Editors by Jan. 1, 2017.

This page presents both current and standing material about the diversity programs of AOJ. Richard Prince is diversity chairman. Articles about AOJ activity of recent years appear in the Masthead back issues. 

This page is closely related to
the Minority Writers Seminar
and Barry Bingham Sr. Fellowship 
(updated with 2016 winner)

(posted 4/6/2015, updated 6/28/2016 JM)

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prior announcement:

This page was current during summer 2016; AOJ is merging into the American Society of News Editors by Jan. 1, 2017.

Award to honor J-educator who has helped diversity

(6/4/15)The Association of Opinion Journalists, formerly the National Conference of Editorial Writers, annually grants a Barry Bingham Sr. Fellowship — actually an award — "in recognition of an educator's outstanding efforts to encourage minority students in the field of journalism." The educator should be at the college level.

Nominations should consist of a statement about why you believe your nominee is deserving.

The final selection will be made by the AOJ Foundation board and announced in time to arrange for presentation at the annual AOJ Symposium. The 2015 event will be Nov.14-15, at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Since 2000, the recipient has been awarded an honorarium of $1,000 to be used to "further work in progress or begin a new project."

Past winners include: 
James Hawkins, Florida A&M University (1990);
Larry Kaggwa, Howard University (1992);
Ben Holman, University of Maryland (1996);
Linda Jones, Roosevelt University, Chicago (1998);
Ramon Chavez, University of Colorado, Boulder (1999);
Erna Smith, San Francisco State (2000);
Joseph Selden, Penn State (2001);
Cheryl Smith, Paul Quinn College (2002);
Rose Richard, Marquette University (2003); 
Leara D. Rhodes, University of Georgia (2004);
Denny McAuliffe, University of Montana (2005);
Pearl Stewart, Black College Wire (2006);
Valerie White, Florida A&M University (2007); 
Phillip Dixon, Howard University (2008);
Bruce DePyssler, North Carolina Central University (2009)
Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University (2010);
Yvonne Latty, New York University (2011);
Michelle Johnson, Boston University (2012);
Vanessa Shelton, University of Iowa (2013); and
William Drummond, University of California, Berkeley (2014).

AOJ Committee Chair is Richard Prince, richardprince(at)hotmail.com. Please use that address only for AOJ matters. [The xxx(at)xxx format above is a "spam-buster" designed to thwart web-crawlers that troll websites for easily grabbed addresses -Ed.]

(By R. Prince; posted 4/6/2015; updated 8/4/2015 JM)

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