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The list on this page had current and recent officer information. Up to late summer 2016. AOJ merges into ASNE before Jan. 1, 2017.
Below that are lists of leaders during the recent years of change.

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AOJ Foundation Leaders for the last year, 2016

    President: David D. Haynes, editorial page editor of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, previously Foundation secretary, head of the 2014-15 transition committee, and chairman of the AOJ Symposium 2015.
  • Secretary and trustee: Jennifer Hemmingsen, opinion page editor of The (Cedar Rapids Iowa) Gazette and

  • Treasurer and trustee: Dan Morain, editorial page editor of the Sacramento Bee. 916-321-1907 or 916-201-6281 @danielmorain

  • Vice-president: vacant
  • Nancy Ancrum, editorial page editor of the Miami Herald, trustee.
  • Joanne Bamberger, independent writer, trustee.
  • Christian Trejbal of Opinion in a Pinch, trustee (previously a director).

  • John McClelland, retired from Roosevelt University, Chicago; Masthead editor and acting associate website editor.

    The new trustees and officers above were elected by electronic vote on April 21, 2015. Masthead editor is a presidential appointee. (updating contact info 8/11-12/2015+ JM)

Continuing trustees are 

  • Herb Berkowitz* principal of PRoactive Solutions Public Relations, 1201 Forest Hills Dr, Wilmington NC 28403,  
    ofc 910-763-4064 cell 703-863-8420
  • Paula Lynn Ellis* Paula Ellis and Associates; Kettering Foundation associate

  • Carolyn Lumsden** 
  • Rosemary Goudreau O’Hara** 
  • Miriam Pepper** Associate Editor, Opinion in a Pinch. 816.853.4635
Recent trustees who were unable to participate in 2016 actions
  • Gene Policinski*
  • Tony Messenger, editorial page editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, trustee (previously a director).

* Indicates outside trustee who is not an AOJ member. Two are required, and three is the nominal limit, under the Foundation bylaws. 
** Indicates a trustee who initially represents the residual AOJ professional association interest on the Foundation board.

Administration of membership, events, and transactions is provided by selected staff of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. (contact)
(subject to change at some point between June and December 2016)

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(posted 4/28/2015 updated to 5/19/2016 JM)

OLD AOJ Leadership Directory 2014 to April 26, 2015
(Committee heads did not change 4/26/15.)

(updated 4/28/2015 JM)

AOJ Officers
AOJ Directors
AOJ Committees
Foundation Officers
Foundation Trustees
(link to past presidents
Management-staff: (Contact)

AOJ Officers (...2014...)

Miriam Pepper, President

Kate Riley, Vice President

Carolyn Lumsden, Secretary/Treasurer

Bob Davis, Immediate Past President

Lois Kazakoff, Ex Officio (President - AOJ Foundation)

John McClelland, Masthead Editor

At-large AOJ directors (...2014...)

Jeff Charis-Carlson

Rosemary Goudreau O'Hara

Dale McFeatters 

Tony Messenger 

Larry Reisman 

Christian Trejbal 

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AOJ Committees (...2014... 2015)

Chair: Richard Prince 
Maynard Institute for Journalism Education
Alexandria, VA
Phone: (703) 362-8197

Sue Ryon
Shorewood, WI
Work: (414)-758-0605

Rosemary Goudreau OHara 
(see board member data)
Nov 2015....

Chair: Jay Jochnowitz
Editorial Page Editor
Albany Times Union
Albany, NY
Phone: (518)454-5472

Christian Trejbal
Principal, Opinion in a Pinch

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AOJ Foundation Board (...2014...)

Lois Kazakoff, President

Chuck Stokes, Treasurer

David Haynes, Secretary


Jay Bender    University of South Carolina
Coumbia, SC
Phone: (803) 777-3320
(Term normally would have ended December, 2016)

Herb Berkowitz * 

Paula Lynn Ellis

Neil Heinen 

David Holwerk

Gene Policinski

Sue Ryon

Bonnie Calhoun Williams 


Miriam Pepper

Kate Riley

Carolyn Lumsden

Bob Davis

 * = Trustees who were not members of AOJ.

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(updated 2014-07-17, 2015-08-11+ 12/31/2015 JM)

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